About Motheo Training Institute Trust

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Mr R.M. Molefe

Founder & Director

Motheo Training Institute Trust was established in 2007 for the purpose of attending and responding to the Multi-changing dire needs of our impoverished Communities and its Principal, Principle Core business is Early Childhood Developmental Services.

During this period, it was then only offering ECD NQF Level 1 and HIV/AIDS Trainings as an unincorporated entity. In 2010,the 26th and the 27th November, the above- mentioned Trustees met for two consecutive days to look into appropriate ways in which they can respond adequately to the overwhelming needs and requests for skills development training made by the beneficiaries and it was then resolved that an appropriate vehicle to enable us to address these dire needs as a Public Benefit Trust and as such, the Trust was formally and officially registered and/or incorporated by the Master of High Court as a Public Benefit Trust (PBO) in terms of Section 6(1)of the Trust Property Control Act, No.57 of 1988 on the 17th March 2011.

Furthermore, it was realized that Early Childhood Development need not to be viewed as a stand-alone or a separate entity-but rather as part and parcel of the Broader Societal Development. Much that, we believe that, Nation Building and Development is incomplete without that of the future holders (children).

Therefore, that has necessitated an extension of our scope of service-and to that effect Education, Training and Development Practice Sector Education, Training Authority (ETDP.SETA) and Department of Labour (DoL) were approached with regard to accreditation which would enable us to become a Training Service Provider that complies with the requirements of Education, Training and Development Quality Assurance (ETDQA) Act of SAQA.

Subsequently, as ETDP.SETA was approached for accreditation, did grant us a full accreditation status for both our SAQA Registered ECD NQF Level 4 and Level 5 qualifications (i.e. NQF Level 4 – National Certificate at FET BAND and NQF Level 5 higher certificate at FET BAND) and both qualifications are nationally and internationally recognised. This means that, we are now in a position of offering recipients/or beneficiaries of our services an accredited quality programmes and issue out recognised accredited certificates of achievement/ competency to deserving learners or trainees.

With these Organizational Growth and Development, today we are a proud Multi-Purpose Training Service Provider that pride itself within its own integrity, providing amongst others the following top quality services:

  • Early Childhood Developmental Trainings at National Qualification Frame work(NQF Level 1,4 and 5)
  • Business Management
  • Organizational Development or Corporate Governance
  • Customer Service Management
  • Adult Basic Education Training at NQF Level 1-4
  • HIV/AIDS Management and Coping Skills and
  • Tailor- made short courses

In a nutshell, this is what Motheo Training Institute Trust as a Public Benefit Organization is about and these programmes, activities and projects are geared towards enabling our communities to respond to their Socio-economical ills and other Developmental challenges.

Motheo Training Institute Trust is a Public Benefit Organization that is concerned with the social and Welfare of Communities, including health and well-being of the society, particularly that of the children.

In terms of its overarching strategy, it has a multi- dimensional approach towards addressing pressing needs of our Communities and that is through its engagement in a series of projects’ activities and Skills Training Programmes. We put the recipients of our services as beneficiaries first.

Our friendly staff and experienced facilitators are ready to help catapult your educational aspirations!