The following principles underpin the design and application of all assessment devices used by the Motheo Training Institute Trust:


Learners/clients will be required to authenticate the assessment process by signing each assessment device.


To ensure the validity of any assessments, the assessment instruments used will be specifically designed to comply with the specific outcomes of the Unit standard in question. Furthermore, the design of all assessment Devices will follow a clearly defined cycle of events.


The provider will undertake to ensure that assessment is both fair and consistent by ensuring that the leaner is qualified to undergo the assessment, that the client is fully app raised of the assessment process, that (at least twice yearly) review mechanisms are in place and that the assessor is properly qualified, according to SAQA criteria to institute and conduct the assessment.


A leaner will only be declared ‘competent’ if all the pre-established assessment criteria have been met. Both the leaner and the client will be informed to these conditions and the process that will be followed in order to achieve competency, prior to assessment.


Competency will only be achieved if the leaner’s experience relating to a Unit Standard has been gained and practiced during the two years immediately preceding the assessment.