Quality Review Policy

(Implementation and/or management of the Review mechanism)

Motheo Training Institute Trust acknowledges that learning and Development is neither an event nor class/lecture room bound but is a continuous, life-long, life-wide learning process culminating in a "Learning Organization" finding its expression in some of the following activities:

Consequently, this Quality Management System(QMS)has been designed not only against the background, knowledge of the above-mentioned learning activities/projects within the organization but with some of its vision, mission, values, aims and objectives entranced in Organizational Constitution and the Trust Deed. It is also against the background that Motheo Training institute Trust (Organization) caters for all its programmes and/or projects within a number of diverse quality critical and essential activities taking place as services rendered to our broader diverse clients/customers, although distinct in type and nature yet mutually re-enforcing one another. This enables us to optimize and maximize quality service delivery to our broader market base.

It is these reasons that our quality management System demands that this Quality Review Mechanism Policy and Procedure be adhere to. So, that Quality in anything that we do or anything that is of the Organization can be managed, maintained, ensured and sustained.


The Review Committee is hereby established in terms of the Organizational (Motheo) Constitution and derives its Authority and powers from the Board of Trustees who are certified by the Master of High Court in terms of the Trust Deed and that is in line with Education, Training and Development Quality Assurance Act (ETDQA) of South African Qualification Authority (SAQA) and it is also a requirement in terms of Accreditation with the Education, Training and Development practice Sector Training Authority (ETDP.SETA).

Thus, the composition of Review Committee comprises the following:


The functions, powers and duties of the Review Committee are:

  • To review policies, criteria system of the organization (Motheo) on annual basis and/ or when the situation demands that such a review be conducted on an urgent basis.
  • To liaise with HR Manager and Director of the Organization to forge a smooth, conducive atmosphere that will enable the Organization to realize its Aims and Objectives.
  • To help and customize the organization with issues of Compliance, Conformance and Quality.
  • To enforce and ensure the implementation of Quality management System.
  • To update and upgrade the combination of organizational Systems (QMS) through continuous evaluations.
  • To review and Evaluate Learning Programmes manuals, Assessment Instruments (be it formative or Summative) and Moderation tools for relevancy and quality purposes.
  • To forge people-to-people interactions within the Organization as to guard against elements that might compromise a workmanship sprit and co-operations.
  • To invite experts in our meetings to advice on issues of quality and professionalism.
  • To attend relevant and appropriate capacity building workshops.
  • To liaise with the Education, Training and Development Quality Assurance (EDTQA) division of the Education, Training and Development Practise Sector Training (ETDP.SETA).
  • This committee as a structure within Motheo Training Institute Trust does not necessarily substitute the responsibilities of the Board of Trustees, the Board of Trustees is still responsible for formulation of policies and decision- making as people who possess legal authority and as such, it reserves the right to veto any decision that is inconsistent with the aims and objectives of the Trust and the appointed Director should always consult the Board of Trustees for ratification of any suggestions, changes and recommendations made by the Review Committee.


    In additions, the Review Committee is also responsible for the continuous evaluation and/or assessments which are aiming at ensuring quality in our services.

    We are of the belief that, learning programmes and/or projects should be measurable- and its impact ought to be measurable as well. For that, as Motheo Training Institute Trust we decided/preferred to put learners/clients first. Therefore; relevancy, accuracy and adaptability are very significant in the services rendered to our broader diverse market.