RPL Policy

The purpose of this document is to provide for the development and implementation of quality RPL system, services and programmes as an integrated feature of the National Quality Qualification Framework in South Africa. Therefore, as Motheo Training Institute Trust we adopt and endorse the policy document as developed through a SAQA -led process that include stakeholders participation, public inputs and experts reviews. For that, we were involved in the process of developing this document as ECD stakeholders.

i). Admission criteria

These guidelines are based on principles and values, underpinning transformation of the education and training system in South Africa. As such, they start from the premises that assessment, like learning is not simply a technical exercise. It is also a social context and bound by the principles of access, equity and quality.

Thus, Motheo Training Institute Trust shall subscribe to the principle of good practice assessment as an accredited member of ETDP.SETA, which means that the ETDQA will oversee all our RPL practice in ensuring quality.

The RPL process criteria’s for assessment of NQF registered unit standard and qualification are explicitly provided in this document with the aim to help our assessor and moderators address the visible and invisible barriers to learning and assessment for all RPL candidates in South Africa. We are really committed in removing these barriers and to build a system that is visible, usable and widely recognized as an effective and creative vehicle for lifelong learning.


In our field which is education, training and development, particularly the sub field Early Childhood Development, we have indentified the following candidates as possible and potential applicants for RPL services.

  • People who are running crèche from their homes (Home-based centres) and centre based crèches.
  • Practitioners who are seeking for advance placement.
  • Practitioners with non accredited ECD qualifications or unit standards
  • People with other relevant qualifications other than ECD, e.g. ABET educators, secondary & primary educators, etc.
  • People with other related qualifications, e.g. nursing, psychology, etc.

These candidates will form our target group for RPL services.


All candidates are expected to apply for RPL services direct to our organisation where they will obtain the following documents:

  • RPL information brochure.
  • RPL guidelines for candidates

This means that the RPL application form is obtained in our organization at a reasonable fee which will come together with the above-mentioned two documents. Our RPL administrator is solely responsible for administration of RPL services right from the entry to the exit point. It should be noted that, once we are in receipt of applications that does not necessarily means that automatically applicants will be admitted to RPL services. For that, some might be and others might not be admitted to the programme.

The criteria are that, applicants must be screened and selected by our evidence facilitator who works together with the administrator, before they can be accepted to the RPL programme. Those who are acceptable as well as those who are not acceptable will be not refunded. For that the charged fee is only a charge for application that comes with two documents. Application fee is not refundable. However, candidates who are not acceptable into the programme are entitled to support and advice services free of charge.

Thus, there is an adviser support services available for all RPL candidates, be it accepted or not. This services is offered free of charge as a support to our clients/applicants/learners.